Integrated internet marketing

Attract new customers to your business through advertising and website development

The task of integrated Internet marketing is to make the Internet bring you profit. I will select the optimal channels for attracting customers that are right for you. The main principle of my work is involvement in the process and the result. In the field of Internet marketing since 2005.

Reporting and transparency. Always in touch with the client. You will know exactly what your money is going for.

Tools for achieving results:

  • Search engine promotion
    I select search queries, analyze and improve the site
  • Contextual advertising
    I set up and run advertising campaigns, reduce cost per click, increase conversion
  • Targeted advertising
    Looking for your audience in social networks, attracting customers and increasing awareness
  • Analytics
    I build end-to-end analytics and show profit in money from each advertising channel. Roistat, PowerBI and others
  • Site and sales department performance
    Analyzing CRM data on the number of sales and evaluating the real profitability of the site

How I work

The worked-out schemes help to move to the systematic receipt of results

Websites for Business Agency

Together with like-minded people created an association ready to solve the most ambitious tasks


Change of ownership

IP Martynov

Since 2008 worked as an individual entrepreneur (IE) in the field of web development

Concord LLC, SEO

Responsibilities: SEO, was responsible for the promotion of all clients in the company; development of web applications; creation of a program for automating processes (on personal initiative).


I started programming 20 years ago, at school, in languages that I can't even remember anymore. After school, he received an education in the specialty "Computer Science and computer engineering

Audit of the current site or the effectiveness of advertising

I offer services for the creation of any type of sites, from a simple Landing page to a complex online store.

After analyzing you will be able to:

  • get more applications with the same budget, by optimizing advertising
  • make a list of necessary changes for your site
  • check your current support contractor or advertising

The cost of my services

Each client is unique

The level of services is high, the price level is average. I don't work on the principle of "and so it will do." I'm completely immersed in the project, so I can't take several orders at once. You get high quality at a price below the market (savings on office, etc.). The price of website development is from 25,000 rubles.

At the first acquaintance, I can only roughly indicate the price. The cost of the work is formed personally, based on the needs and necessary functionality of the future resource. First, I get acquainted with your project and make a work plan. Next, the cost of each element of the project is formed. What to remove and what to add, the customer decides for himself.

The project budget consists of paying for my work + funds that will need to be invested in the project itself.

I am self—employed. Therefore, you can conclude a contract and pay for my services in a non-cash way.

Find the answer to your question

I will consult and explain all the nuances.
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Andrey Martynov

Andrey Martynov